Hey, I'm Shayan Javadi

I'm a Fullstack Software Engineer, React fanatic, design enthusiast, and music theory nerd.

Tools I love working with:

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Pizza Hut
Software Developer II
Aug 2019 - Present
Working on the flagship Pizza Hut mobile app using React Native serving 10+ million users.
Software Developer
Oct 2018 - Aug 2019
Worked on 7-Eleven mobile self-checkout web experience using React/Redux. Currently working on migrating 7-eleven.com from Drupal to Next.js + headless CMS (Contentstack)
Associate Software Developer
May 2018 - Oct 2018
Worked on creating microservice APIs for Sabre's Ticketing team using Java (8+), and Spring Boot.
Co-founder/Lead React Native Developer
2017 - Present
Bookease is an upcoming React Native mobile app that allows students to seamlessly sell/trade their textbooks with their peers. Developed using React Native, Redux, Node.js, Express, Sequalize, GraphQL, Heroku, and Firebase.
Frontend Developer Intern
May 2017 - Aug 2017
Worked as a frontend dev Sabre's SabreSonic Booking/Check-in software (used by 50+ airlines). I learned the ins and outs of React and Redux during the internship, and the challenges that you face while developing at scale.
Solfej Mobile App
August 2019 - Present
I'm currently working on the best new way to learn music theory and ear training.
Chord Search
Jan 2020 - Present
I'm currently working on creating a chord search engine.
Scale Search
Jan 2020 - Present
I'm currently working on creating a scale search engine.
Animation Guild Website
May 2018 - Present
I'm currently making the Animation Guild at UTD a brand new website using Gatsby.js.
Open Source Contributer
Feb 2018 - Present
Made several contributions to open source projects within the React Native ecosystem.

react-native-image-viewer: #153 #154
react-native-material-ui: #316
react-native-material-bottom-navigation: #70 #71
UX UTD Website
Designed and developed a website for the UX club at UTD from scratch using Javascript (ES6), SCSS, and HTML/CSS.
Stone Springs Dentistry Website
Designed and developed a responsive and modern website from scratch as a contractor for Dr. Nikta Marvdashti.